Do you wake up with a huge amount of energy,
only to have it dwindle to exhaustion by the end of the day?

Do certain people and social situations drain you,
while others make you feel energized and totally fulfilled?

Is feeling like you “don’t have enough time”
getting in your way of living your true purpose?

Are you really, really good at reading people?

Are there some nights when you binge on Netflix,
only to feel guilty for not working on your to-do list?

Do you consider yourself intuitive or sensitive to energy?

Do you have big dreams and goals,
but have issues focusing and getting things done?

Do you know deep down that you have everything you need to make your dreams come true,
but you’re not sure how to manifest them?



living your life without ever having your dreams fulfilled?

I already know the answer…

Of course you can’t.
You know what else I know that you might not?



You are totally, and insanely blessed by the Universe.

Somehow, you found the very best place to learn how to consciously start creating an abundance of what I like to call “Your Authentic Energy”.

You don’t believe in coincidences.

When you’re living in your authentic energy, everything else will click into place.
You will be free to experience life in ways you have only dreamed about.
Are you ready?


Sign up for my free 7 Day Energy Cleanse and start taking baby steps
(7 of them to be exact!) in the right direction

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What will I get from doing the 7 Day Energy Cleanse?

Access to your own personal, abundant supply of positive energy that you can tap into at will
More energy = showing up for your life, business, and relationships in a bigger way!
Practical tools on how to get rid of energy leaks and how to block & release unwanted energy
An increased amount of energy spent doing what you love, and a decreased to non-existent amount of energy spent doing what drains you
Trust in your own energy and intuition, which will lead to better choices for your lifestyle
Self-awareness on what types of scenarios drain you and how to prepare for them
An increase in your authentic energy (this will magnetically draw the perfect people and scenarios into your life!)

Do I need to have a background in energy or energy healing?

Not at all! The 7 Day Energy Cleanse is designed for people with little to no energy background. It will give you a basic overview of energy grounding, protecting, and raising. Having said that, if you are already well versed in all areas of energy, this might not be the best fit for you, beyond being a well-planned structure for energy cleansing.

Also, reading Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map or taking my virtual Desire Map workshop will put you slightly ahead of the game, but it is not pre-req for doing the 7 Day Energy Cleanse.

How is the 7 Day Energy Cleanse delivered?

The 7 Day Energy Cleanse is delivered via email for 7 consecutive days. In your email, you will receive a short letter from me telling you what to expect, along with the corresponding audio.

Is the 7 Day Energy Cleanse really free?

Yes! It is totally 100% free.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch – I created the 7 Day Energy Cleanse because I felt strongly called to do so. It’s also a very good introduction to my work. If you love it, all I ask is that you share it with friends who you think will benefit.

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