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IT 047: You’re Already Being Judged (+ How To Overcome This Common Fear)

July 24, 2017

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Today, I’m going to share with you why trying to keep up a perfect image online doesn’t actually keep you from being judged harshly. I know, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m SO tired of seeing otherwise, smart, brilliant and radiant women keeping themselves prisoners because they want to look perfect and like they have their shit together, when they’re not fooling anyone.

This need to look perfect and to present a perfect image online is poison to our coaching industry.

No one – myself included – wants to be subject to looks of horror, evil laughter, or even worse, pity (who does she think she is?).

But here’s the thing. If you post happy, love-yourself quotes all day every day, and in reality, you hate everything about yourself – people can feel it. And they will judge you. And probably not trust you to be their coach.

You are so much smarter and braver than that, and I know that you can be loved and honored for being the most real version of yourself – not for being a watered down, boring version of ourselves (that’s not fooling anyone).

Here’s the way out.

First, you have got to call out your inner judger – you know, the one who wants you to be little miss perfect, or boring, broke coach. Give her a name. Frantic Franny? Mean Girl Mandy? Then, let your inner judge-y mean girl take the reigns, and let her tell you what she REALLY feels. Write it allll down.

After that’s out of the way,  identify whose voice that is – is it a parent’s voice? A mean girl from 5th grade’s voice? Maybe your own voice from an earlier age?

Next, write down your truth. For every judgement that your inner mean girl said, write down what you actually know about yourself to be true. For example, maybe she told you that you don’t know what you’re talking about and that you’re a major fraud. But deep down, your truth is that you know you have such an incredible gift to share with the world, and that you’re a strong, capable and brave woman who knows what she’s talking about.

Lastly, show up and take action that makes Mean Girl Mandy come out to play! Start your business Instagram, get your website together, show UP. She will come out, and when she does, go back to your List of TRUTHS and stubbornly shut her down. She’ll lose her power over you in time.

As you do this, people will start to FEEL YOU – who you really are. And you’ll start to attract clients who deeply resonate with you and love you for your imperfections.

After you do this exercise, I’d love to hear the name of your inner saboteur. Share it with me below or in my FB Group Intuitive Coaches here

I hope that this has served you and I’ll see you next time on the next episode of Intuitive Tuesday!

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IT 043: How To Create Passive Prosperity With Soul-Aligned Marketing Strategist Korynn Elliott

May 29, 2017

Hi introverted, intuitive and empath beauties! I have a fun treat for you on the Podcast today – I’ve interviewed one of my good friends and introverted biz besties, the soul-aligned marketing strategist, Korynn Elliott.

She’s the quintessential zen girl boss next door, and we talk about:

  • Why your energy matters as an introverted, woman entrepreneur
  • What type of passive income you can create (even as a brand new coach!) so you can live a more abundant, free-flowing lifestyle
  • How to find your voice and message as a new coach (hint: acting like you’re an extrovert doesn’t work!)
  • What “Zen Femme” is and how to honor our cycles as feminine entrepreneurs so we can maximize our productivity and live more aligned
  • How Korynn found her first clients (with only 25 people on her list!!)

Tune into the Podcast by clicking on one of the links below!

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IT 042: How To Know If You’re Sabotaging Your Success + What To Do About It

May 15, 2017

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Hi Lightworkers, it’s Mona Lisa and it’s Intuitive Tuesday, the radio show helping intuitives, introverts and empaths manifest the conscious and abundant life and business that they desire.

Today, I’m talking about how to discover if you’re coming across a deep-seated, energetic belief or thought pattern that’s currently sabotaging your current situation.

Without doing and continuing to do the transformational work that I’m about to share with you, I wouldn’t have been able to create a life and business that I love.

And I know the same is true for every successful lightworker girl boss who is out there doing what they love – I can feel it in the way they talk about what they do and what they’ve had to overcome to get where they are. Plus, working closely with some amazing mentors and entrepreneurs myself, I’ve seen what it takes to make your business a reality.

So let’s dive right in…

First, how do you know when you’re coming across an energetic belief?

The best way for me to explain this is to share with you a real life story about my early days of entrepreneurship.

When I was first starting out, I felt like I was doing everything I needed to do at that point to start my business – start a website, regularly post valuable content, reach out to JV partners, listen to business Podcasts and learn from online marketing gurus I admired, like Marie Forleo.

But nothing was happening. And even though I told myself that I was trying, a part of me knew that I wasn’t doing everything I could – that I was sabotaging myself somehow.

Finally, these beliefs surfaced – I’m not a real entrepreneur. I’m a fraud. My business isn’t a real business, and I don’t even know if I can help people. How can I charge people if I don’t even know if I can help them? I’m way out of my league here. What am I thinking…?

So you can see that even though from the outside, I was a busy body, these beliefs were getting in the way of my business’ success.

For example, I would reach out to JV partners, and instead of seeing the value I had to bring to the table, I would put them on a pedestal because they were “real entrepreneurs” and I thought I wasn’t. Not an attractive energy for a JV partner, let me tell you!

Another example, because I believed that I wasn’t a real entrepreneur, I didn’t make any money, even though I inspired people. I was playing small – I was posting quotes and inspirational content online, but I wasn’t putting my actual business systems into place to actually sell anything because I didn’t take myself seriously as a real coach and entrepreneur.

Lastly, I couldn’t stomach investing money in working with a high-level coach (or even talking to a coach!) because I secretly didn’t think that I could make the money back. Talk about planning for failure! I was manifesting my financial struggle in business by not willing to believe I’d have enough income in the future to cover my investments.

These beliefs can sabotage you, even if you think you’re doing everything you can.

So take a moment and feel into this… where do you feel blocked in your business today? Jot that down, and pause this Podcast if you need to.

Next, I want to walk you through the foundation of the 6 step formula I use on myself and with my private clients for moving past beliefs that are no longer serving you.

  1. Ask yourself, what belief needs to be shifted in order for me to move past this?
  2. Listen to your guidance.
  3. Once you get an idea of what the belief is, examine what it sounds like. Where it came from. Is it your mom’s voice? Your dad’s? How long have you had it? How does it manifest in your life today? Your business? Your relationships
  4. Ask yourself, is this belief still true for me today? Is it still serving me? Usually, the answer is No, so bring your awareness to how it’s no longer working for you.
  5. Next, ask yourself what beliefs would serve you better, and choose your new beliefs. What would you rather believe instead of this? What would change if you had those new beliefs?
  6. Reinforce your new beliefs by choosing actions that align with your new belief, and be fierce about this – it’s like reprogramming a faulty computer.

Alright so that’s all for today’s Podcast!

I hope you this episode has helped you uncover the limiting belief that’s getting in the way of your success, and provided you with a process to clear it, so you can get on with living the amazing, lightworker life that’s available and waiting for you. I hope that this has served you and I’ll see you next time for the next episode of Intuitive Tuesday.

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IT 039: How To Turn Your Desires Into Reality + Your Fears Into History in 2 Minutes A Day

April 10, 2017

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Hey lightworkers, it’s Mona Lisa, and it’s Intuitive Tuesday, the radio show helping intuitives introverts and empaths manifest the conscious and abundant life and business that they desire.

You’ve heard me say before that it’s so important to get clear on your desires, and today, I really want to give you a way of looking at this concept in a more concrete, specific way.

This technique that I’m about to share can really help you really get out of being “stuck” in your head and stories, and into inspired action.

A lot of us – especially as introverted, intuitive and self-aware women – know what we fear. We have a good idea about our wounds, and the things that have us terrified. Looking stupid, failing, being judged, being misunderstood, being visible, etc.

Some of you at this point may also have a good idea of your desires in your life, and what you really want to happen. Perhaps it’s more travel, freedom, peace, happier relationships, financial abundance, serving the world.

The thing is, we often don’t get specific enough about how our desires and fears play out in our lives.

And in order to get out of feeling stuck and suffocated by our fears, then we have got to pile on specific, real-life consequences of living out our desires and fears.

So first, I want you to get clear on your general fears. Write a list in your journal of a handful of general fears.

A general fear might sound like… I’m afraid of putting myself out there.

A general desire might sound like… I want freedom from my day job.

Then, for each fear, I want you to get specific about how this is playing out in your life – what does this actually mean? You can write out as many specific fears for each general fear as you want.

A more specific fear might be… I don’t want to publish my blog posts or promote my website on Facebook because I’m afraid of what my friends and family might think if I all of a sudden start announcing myself as a coach.

A more specific desire might sound like… I want the freedom to wake up in the morning and instead of rushing out the door, I want to be able to meditate, journal, enjoy a nice, slower pace, and ease into my day with a grounded, radiant energy.

Now that you have your list, I want you to go through each fear and think… what will happen if I DON’T get over this fear? How will this affect my relationships? My health? My well-being? My life?

And then go over each DESIRE and think… what will happen if I achieve this desire? How will this affect my relationships? My health? My well-being? My life?

The more REAL LIFE and specific you can get, the more powerful this exercise will be because you’re now taking it out of concepts and theories and into REAL LIFE and associating REAL pleasure and REAL pain with desires and fears.

Once you do that, refer to this list regularly– look at your desires often, and reflect on how your fears are showing up in your life, on the daily.

Remind yourself so you don’t FORGET what really matters.

Alright, so that’s all I have for you today! I hope that this has served you and I’ll see you next Tuesday for the next episode of Intuitive Tuesday.

Also, if you’re a new lightworker and haven’t downloaded my brand new guide, “Awaken Your Lightworker Superpowers,” I definitely recommend you grab your FREE copy here if you’d like to learn the introvert’s way to finding your voice and becoming visible online (so your clients can find and hire you!). Enjoy!

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