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IT 049: Should I Quit My Job To Pursue Coaching? (OR, Should I Go Back To A 9-5?)

August 14, 2017

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Hi beauties, it’s Mona Lisa and it’s Intuitive Tuesday, the radio show helping intuitives, introverts and empaths manifest the conscious and abundant life and business that they desire.

Today, I’m answering a question from Destiny Lynn in My Intuitive Coaches Facebook group. She writes in…

“My question is how do soulfully determine if you should go back to your 9-5 with the intent on using it as a tool to further invest in your business. I have been sick over the decision to go back to my 9-5 so I can fully fund my dream. Or to continue just finding ways to cut corners and just make it work.”

This IS SUCH a great question, Destiny, and one I get asked all the time! Thank you for submitting it.

I think that having a job that feels good – READ: not energy draining, all consuming, or stressful – can be a powerful and effective way to invest in your business if it feels like it will create more SPACE in your life as opposed to more heaviness.

I went back to a 9-5 job after I had invested in my website, coach training, logo, etc. because I didn’t want to feel the pressure of HAVING TO GET CLIENTS in order to survive. Personally for me, that energy felt toxic and unsupportive of my mission as a new coach trying to establish herself.

I knew it wasn’t going to be my job forever, so I called in a wonderful 9-5 job that felt very fun, lighthearted and easygoing. I stayed there for a couple of years until I felt SO ready to go full-time in my coaching business.

Going back to your question – you said you felt sick over the decision to go back to your 9-5 so you can fully fund your dream.

What is it about going back to a 9-5 job that makes you feel sick?

Is it the job itself (in which case, I’d say, get a job that you enjoy more and have fun with it!) or perhaps the lack of flexibility (in which case, I’d say get a job that offers you time and location flexibility!)?

OR, is it something else, like your soul wants NOTHING more than to be full-time in your coaching practice right now, and you KNOW you can make it happen?

OR, is being part-time somewhere an option?

There’s no black and white answer, so in lieu of personally getting on a coaching session with you and hashing this out, I want to give you 3 tips for getting the answer for yourself.

Tip #1)

Tune into your intuition and ask yourself…. What would be in greatest support right now for your business? Will your business flow more if you have the support of a 9-5 job, or if you were in it full-time?

Tip #2)

Consider creative options. For example, I had a job for a few years as I was building my practice, and when I left, I decided to move back into my grandparents’ house in order to take the rent and other bills off of my plate while I REALLY built it up.

That won’t necessarily be your solution, but think outside of the box here – what creative solutions can you think of right now in order to invest in your business’ success? Maybe it’s nanny-ing, tutor-ing, VA-ing, putting some investments on a CC, or simply doing everything humanly possible you can do to book your next clients in order to cover your investments.

Tip # 3)

Be clear on exactly what you need and for what. Do you have a certain dollar amount you need to make a month before you HAVE to go back to a 9-5? Or, do you need $5k, $10k, $20k to cover your business investments? Getting clear might be all it takes! For example, if you need $10K to cover some investments, that can be as simple as landing a few clients, and cutting a few corners as you said, as opposed to going back to a regular job.

Alright Destiny, thanks for asking your questions, and I hope those tips have helped you!

And if you resonated with Destiny, I hope that this has served you as well.

NOW, I’d love to know what your takeaways are if you listened in and related to Destiny’s question! Let me know by heading to my Facebook group at and you can also submit your own question there.

I hope that this has served you, and I’ll see you next Tuesday on the next episode of Intuitive Tuesday.

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IT 027: How To Deal With Toxic Relationships + Set Boundaries As A Sensitive Woman, with Relationship Coach Melissa Jay

November 21, 2016


Press play below to listen to the Podcast, or click here to listen to the interview in iTunes.

Are you sensitive to other people’s energy?

Do you consider yourself a giver, a healer, or a natural nurturer?

Then you’re going to love today’s Podcast!

I ask relationship coach and psychologist, Melissa Jay, how to deal with the people in our lives who… well, suck the life out of us.

She also shares how to set personal boundaries and establish self care practices so we can avoid getting stepped all over (energetically and emotionally!).


Also, if you were taught from a young age that you need to “earn love” or “earn happiness” before you can self-care, don’t miss today’s Podcast.

I couldn’t resist asking Melissa how to approach this common belief that unfortunately runs rampant amongst intuitive and introverted women. I think you’re going to love her answer.

**UPDATE: Melissa is offering an AMAZING gift for you, if you’d LOVE to learn the Art of Living Through Your Heart In Relationships. Check it out here!**

Once you’re done listening to the Podcast, come back to this page and let me know – what’s one thing you can commit to doing this week as an act of self-care?

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IT 019: How to Know If You’re Really a Lightworker (And What Type Of Lightworker You Are)

May 10, 2016

Listen to today’s Podcast in iTunes here, or directly on my website here. Or, read the complete transcript below.

Today’s Intuitive Tuesday Podcast is definitely for you if you’ve ever wondered… what type of lightworker am I? Am I even a lightworker at all? What is a lightworker?

I am super excited to introduce a new feature for the Intuitive Tuesday Podcast – Q & A’s! I often get asked very similar types of questions, and thought it would be fun to answer them here so everyone can benefit.

So if you have a burning question to ask about creating and living a lightworker life and business, please submit it to monalisa@monalisaondevilla.com – you never who you could be helping out, and there’s a good chance I’ll be featuring it soon!

Today’s question comes from Andrea, and she asks… “How can you bring your lightworker life into your business if you are in a more traditional role? I’m curious about how to bring it to my training business.”

Awesome question, Andrea! I’m really happy to answer this question, because it’s a sentiment that I hear a lot.

To answer your question, I’ll start by defining what a lightworker is, so we’re on the same page.

Then, I’ll give you some examples about how to bring your light work into your every day life, whether you have a service-based business, product-based business, traditional career, work full-time as a mom, or if you’re still looking for direction.

Alright, so first… let me define what a lightworker is.

What is a Lightworker?

In my opinion, a lightworker is anyone who is on a journey to live more consciously and with intention, for the purpose of living a joyous life.

OK, let’s break this definition down into 3 parts!

Lightworker 101: Living More Consciously

The first part is “living more consciously”. What does that mean? This speaks to the process of stripping away the unconscious habits, thought patterns and actions that we’ve done for so long, especially those that harm us and work in the background. If you always sabotage yourself, feel overwhelmed, have a tendency to procrastinate, or do anything and wonder “why,” it’s because of a fear or belief running in the background.

Living more consciously is the process of getting to know your fears, and doing the work to dissolve them.

It’s about bringing your own actions into the light and holding yourself accountable for what you see. It’s about examining the limiting beliefs that have been running your life, just under the surface. It’s getting curious about your automatic reactions, and then loving yourself as you heal and become more whole.

So what does this look like in real life? Using spiritual tools, like The Cure to interrupt negative patterns, like success-crippling procrastination and perfection, or staying in a poverty mindset because you’re afraid of the consequences of wealth and success.

Lightworker 101: Living With Intention

The second part is about living with intention, which goes hand in hand with living consciously – they’re two sides of the same coin. Living with intention is about bringing a level of presence to your life, and showing up as fully as you can in the choices you make.

It’s about making decisions that reflect the way you want to live, like living in a home that feels just right, or working in a purposeful job, or owning a business that fuels your soul. It’s about aligning your values with how you spend your time, how you parent, how you eat, how you love.

Lightworker 101: Living More Consciously

The last part of the definition is “For the purpose of living a joyous life,” which is pretty self-explanatory – the goal of all of this, the goal of every lightworker, is to feel good, and to live a life that you love and celebrate, every day.

To summarize, to be a lightworker means you are on a journey to live more consciously and with intention, for the purpose of living a joyous life.

As you go through and do these things, you will inevitably shine your own light brighter, and either indirectly inspire others who witness your light and lifestyle, or directly inspire others through your chosen profession.

Just to clarify: helping others directly is not a requirement of being a lightworker, but it’s often a side effect of going on the journey– many of us can’t help but want to share the amazing things we’ve learned on our journey with the world!

Also, I didn’t say anything about having to wear crystals, malabeads, or getting regular energy healings – being a lightworker doesn’t require any of that (though those things are super fun, and you’ll most likely find yourself gravitating towards them eventually!).

How Do I Be a Lightworker ALL The Time?

For the first 6 years of my journey, I didn’t identify with being a lightworker, especially not full time. I felt really divided in the beginning– like my peaceful, zen side was a totally different person than the person I was in my “real” life.

I remember being so frustrated, and even asking Gabby Bernstein when I was in her group coaching program (back when she coached small groups of 30 in a yoga studio in NYC!), how to be a lightworker all the time, not part of the time. I felt like a big time fraud.

She looked at me, smiling, a little amused, and said… honey, it’s a process, and it’s totally okay.

I didn’t love the answer at the time, and I wanted to say, but YOU’RE a lightworker all of the time, but now I get it – she was right.

As You Shine Brighter… You’ll Inspire Others to Shine, Too

Sure enough, slowly, as I did the work, I couldn’t help but bring my light to all areas of my life. It started to infiltrate everything, slowly at first, and then faster. The light eventually even reached the darkest of places in my life, the places I thought would never heal and change.

This is where the huge changes take place. But you’ve got to stick with the work. It can take years, but let me tell you, the time will pass anyway, and this is the most important work of your life! 

How to Bring Your Lightwork to Your Every Day Life

Alright, so now I’m going to give you some examples of how to bring your light work into your every day life, whether you have a service-based business, product-based business, work in a traditional career, a a full-time mom, or if you’re still looking for direction.

The very first thing that people think of when they think of being a lightworker is having a service-based business. And this is pretty accurate– we naturally tend to gravitate towards owning a service based business because we love helping other’s live in a more conscious, intentional and joyous way.

This could be as a coach, nutritionist, trainer (like you, Andrea!), yoga teacher, doula… the list goes on. You are bringing your lightworker life into your business, simply by being a lightworker yourself, and showing up.

Even if you don’t directly use the word lightworker, or even mention the word manifest or the Universe, your presence will inspire and heal others. You will begin to attract people into your practice who need your light.

If you own a product-based business, this applies to you as well! Your products will ooze your energy, your intention, your personality, your light. Give conscious attention to your branding and packaging, as they will often speak on your behalf.

Also, like service-based businesses, you should be in regular contact with your customers, through your newsletter and social media outlets – these are places to intentionally infuse your personality with your writing, pictures, and lightworker stories.

A Prayer for Lightworker Businesses

Whether you own a product or service based business, I invite you to recite a prayer for your angels and the Universe to hear.

Here’s an example of what I say, which you can customize for your service:

Please send me women who would really benefit from my service as a _________, who I can truly help and who would be a pleasure to work with. If their life can be changed as a result of working with me, help them find my workshops, programs, Instagram, or Podcast, and nudge them along, whispering in their ears, so they can eventually either say yes to working with me, or see the blog post they need to see that will change their life. Thank you.

Then release it to the Universe. And I kid you not – almost all of my clients say they found me through a divine coincidence, and that they simply felt like they needed to click on my ad, email me, or get into contact with me. It happens all the time.

Don’t Own a Business? You’re Still a Lightworker!

And finally, if you fall into any of the other lightworker categories (if you’re a full time mom, have a traditional career, or if you’re still trying to figure it all out), all of the same rules still apply – work your light by living a more conscious, intentional and joyous life.

Remember, you don’t have to own a certain type of business to be a lightworker – in fact, you don’t even have to own a business at all!

Strategically Place Lightworker Tools In Your Life

If you’re like how I was and tend to forget your lightwork when you’re in the “real world,” strategically place some lightworker tools in your daily life. I have a client who hangs mala beads in her car, and says her mantra on her way to pick up her kids.

If you have a 9-5 job, decorate your desk with a salt lamp, crystals, and quotes (that’s what I did!). And if you’re still trying to figure it out… be gentle with yourself, and do the work of living consciously, and with intention, for the purpose of living a joyous life. The rest will fall into place.

I hope this answered your question, Andrea! I know this was a long answer, but I definitely wanted to address this question properly, because it’s been a topic I’ve wanted to cover for awhile! Thank you so much for submitting it!

Remember, if you have a question you want answered on this Podcast, send an email with your name and question to monalisa@monalisaondevilla.com.

That’s all for today, lightworkers! I hope that this has served you, and I will see you next, next Tuesday, for the next episode of Intuitive Tuesday.

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IT 013: A Letter For You, From My Heart – My Most Personal Podcast Yet

February 15, 2016



I’m excited for you to tune into today’s Podcast.  I felt especially called this week to speak straight from my heart, to write an open, real, and raw letter especially for you.

No tips, how-to’s, or steps this week (don’t worry, they’ll be back next week).

Click here for today’s Podcast on iTunes. Click here to listen to it right here on my website.

My intention for today’s Podcast is to send you a warm blanket of unconditional love, support and inspiration straight from my heart. For you to come back to anytime you need it.

Because I’ve heard and witnessed so many of you beautiful women suffering – so many of you feel alone, lost, and without purpose.

So check it out on iTunes here, or click here to listen to it on my website. Or read the transcript below.

So many of you feel hopeless. You feel trapped, stuck, and ashamed. You need more money – money for abundance, happiness, and freedom. Money – so you don’t have to always look at the prices before you buy.

You want to feel healthy – you want to lose 25 lbs, and keep it off, for good this time. To be honest, you feel fat, and you feel ashamed of it.

You’re stuck. You’re stuck in a job, a relationship, a situation that is no longer serving you. And you don’t know what to do.

You just know you want more. You need more. Travel. Love. Money. Health. To be seen. To help other women. To feel sexy and free.

To experience life at the level you know you’re meant to live it.

But you don’t know how.

And so today, I want to tell you exactly what I wish someone had told me when I was there, which wasn’t too long ago.

You are enough. Just as you are. You are loved. Just as you are.

You’re on a journey and there is a way out – you’ve been called to help others, and this is your rite of passage – your suffering is temporary and will help you relate to those you can serve.

You will rise, and when you do, there will be no stopping you. Keep on trusting the Universe, and prepare for what’s next. Cry – cry a lot. Let it out so your tears will longer poison you.

What do you need to sacrifice? What do you need to let go of, leave behind, in order to move forward? What are you still clinging on to? Let go to move forward. It’s safe for you.

Your desires aren’t random. They were planted in you for the purpose of being realized. The Universe lives through you, in you, and wants to experience everything you desire, through you.

You are beautiful. You are loved, and you are not alone. I’m with you. I am you. I don’t care if you’ve never met me, if we’re not spoken directly. I love you, and I am here to remind you of your light. To mirror what you know is hidden of you.

You will change. Something will happen that will make it too painful for you to stay where you are. And when that happens – thank the Universe. It’s over. It’ll be time for your ascent, for the world to finally meet you.

And the world will celebrate you.

What do you want?

Who do you want to be?

Love. I want love. I want to be loved, I want to feel love, and I want to love. It’s really that simple.

CLICK TO TWEET: Everything that expands you will expand the Universe.

Don’t keep yourself down – don’t let us down.

Keep on going. Rest.

You want to succeed? The only way to do this, to really, truly, deeply succeed, is to leave behind your negative thoughts and replace them with love.

This is the only way.

Get quiet enough to listen. Make this a priority.

Awareness comes before everything. You already know what to do.

What are your thoughts manifesting?

What do you have to let go of?

What do you have to receive?

Whenever you’re lost, in despair, and think – this is bullshit. When you’re ready to throw in the towel.


Remember my words.
And forge on. Beside me. In sisterhood. I’m with you, and I’m cheering you.

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