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IT 006: The Power Of Your Period + An Intimate Look At My Monthly Practices For Tuning In

October 19, 2015

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What do you think of when you think of October?

For me, October brings to mind caramel apples, cozy nights in enjoying the rain, nature hikes, pumpkin patch visits and romantic picnics.

October’s Energy Invites Us Inward

On a deeper level, my body and intuition sense a subtle shift in energy. My attention is quietly drawn inward (even more so than usual!), and I feel a pull to nurture myself and witness what’s happening in my body.
In today’s Intuitive Tuesday Podcast, I want to share my monthly method for tapping into my inner wisdom. I’ve never talked about this before, so definitely tune in!


Not an audio learner? That’s OK. Read the article transcription below.

Today, in the spirit of fall and the energy of going inward, I want to talk about periods.

Yes, you heard that right.

A Taboo Topic That Shouldn’t Be Taboo At All

I have to admit, it makes me feel a little squeamish talking about it because it feels taboo (I even considered other words for “period” like “mother’s gift from nature” or “menstrual cycle”), but let’s be real – I call it “my period” when it comes around. Anyway, I realized there’s no reason to be ashamed of it – we’re all adults here.

It’s a huge part of being a woman, and learning how to be in touch with our monthly cycles, through awareness and love, can change our perspective on our feminine bodies.

Period = All In Your Head?

Growing up, I had bad cramps and mood swings. My dad used to tell me, my mom and my 2 sisters, “it’s all in your our head”. It was funny at the time, but looking back, that message told me that my “womanly stuff” didn’t matter.

Eventually, I ended up in the ER with really bad cramps, and was diagnosed with endometriosis. After I did some research, I learned from Dr. Christiane Northrup that endometriosis is a woman’s body’s way of drawing her attention to a very specific problem – the conflict between her innermost emotional needs, and what the world is demanding from her.

Your Period is a Sacred Invitation to Listen To Your Body

After I learned how to embrace myself and acknowledge my period as a sacred invitation to go inward, my cramps subsided, and I was able to avoid regular surgery (which my doctor said was inevitable).

3 Tips For Tuning Into Your Monthly Inner Wisdom

Whether or not you have awful cramps, or you get more emotional and moody and crave chocolate, I have some tips for you to make the most of your period.

  1. I want to banish the myth that your period is a time when you’re “super emotional”. Our periods are a time when the veils and facades that we carry so well during the rest of the month, drop. We feel how we really feel, and can’t help it. Things that aren’t working and things that are bothering us that we’ve been ignoring, come to the surface. We are forced to acknowledge what we don’t want to acknowledge. I invite you to take advantage of this time and tune in – what is your body telling you? This is a time to notice and release the crap that isn’t working in our lives, as much as we can. Listen and go inward.
  2. If you do have cramps (or get sore anywhere), I have a really cool mantra for you (I call it my period mantra!). I focus on the area that’s hurting and I say “you are loved. you are safe. you are beautiful.” It shifts the energy and makes me feel instantly better, even if it still hurts.
  3. Lastly, I want you to give yourself permission to practice the art of extreme self care (a phrase coined by  author Cheryl Richardson). Be OK with disappointing other people, if it means taking care of yourself.

Brene Brown said it best when she wrote, “Daring to Set Boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.”

The next time your period comes, try one or all of these techniques. Commit to your favorite one right now, and let me know how it goes – I’d love to hear about the insight you gain.

I hope that this has served you and I will see you next, next Tuesday for Intuitive Tuesday!

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IT 004: 2 Practices For More Money, Time & Love

October 19, 2015

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Happy September, lightworker!

I know fall is coming up because my ever-eager, inner Virgo has already lured me to Target a few times for ritualistic hunts for fresh journals, highlighters and pens.

(Speaking of rituals, check out this post for tips on creating your own fall ritual to get you in the fall mood.)

This month is when dreams and plans become form, when iced coffee and flip flops are replaced by pumpkin spice lattes and cozy blankets. It’s time to get down to business.

I’m ready.

Harvest the Universe’s Supply of Love, Money & Time

In keeping up with the theme of fall, this month’s first Intuitive Tuesday is dedicated to helping you receive the harvest of love, time and money from the Universe that you could be unconsciously blocking.

Not an audio learner? That’s OK. Read the article transcription below.

Today, I want to talk about receiving, and give you two simple practices that will help you easily start the flow of receiving from the Universe.

I was inspired by a recent call with one of my clients where she opened up about being an over-giver. She said she has always been a giver, in her friendships, as well as in romantic relationships.

Giving Is Depleting If You’re Not Receiving

Giving is amazing, and benefits both the giver and the receiver. But it can quickly become draining and depleting if you don’t allow yourself to receive.

Think of the cycle of giving and receiving as a natural cycle of the Universe. In order to be in balance, you have to do both.

We Receive in Many Ways – Energy, Time, Money, & Love

The thing is, so many of us are caught in this “give, give, give” cycle and feel like a deer in headlights when it’s time for us to receive. I can definitely relate to this, and have a feeling many of you can, too.
Receiving is crucial, and if you’re blocking yourself from receiving, you’re blocking yourself from abundance. Think about it – where do you feel a lack right now- is it money, love, time? Consider the ways you might be blocking yourself from receiving in these areas.

Deflection is a Form of Self Sabotage

Here is an example of how you might deflect receiving love. Say that you’ve been working out, toning up, and have seen noticeable improvement in your energy and body. You’ve been giving a lot of yourself, and feel proud of your accomplishments.

Now, imagine that your signficiant other tells you that you look amazing, better than you’ve ever looked before. That you’re beautiful and shining, inside and out!

You can respond 2 ways – you can either receive the compliment, say thank you and genuinely feel and receive the love of that statement, or you can deflect, be embarrassed, and either change the topic or mumble a “thank you, I’ve JUST been working out more” (notice how the word “just” downplays the tremendous effort you’ve been giving).

The first way allows you to receive the love from the Universe through your partner, and the second way deflects it.

2 Practices to Start Receiving More Today

So, the first practice I want to share with you is to practice saying “thank you” and pausing after to genuinely feel and soften into your “thank you”. It’s a way to start receiving in a small way, that will open doors to higher levels of receiving.

The second practice I’d like to share with you is a mantra with my favorite receiving crystal – rose quartz! Buy a rose quartz and say this mantra “I open myself to receiving.”

That’s it!

There are so many other things I can say on this topic, like how feminine energy is receiving and how masculine energy is giving, but this Podcast would go on forever!

If you’re interested in diving in deeper, check out my 30 Day Energy Cleanse where I spend a whole day talking about this.

I hope that this has served you and I will see you next next week for the next session of Intuitive Tuesday!

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IT 003: The Story Behind The 30 Day Energy Cleanse (It’s Not What You Think!)

October 19, 2015

Click here for the audio link to today’s Podcast. Or read the transcription of the audio below.

I always knew I had a greater purpose, but I didn’t always know what it was. For years, I lived with the subtle pain of knowing I wasn’t living in alignment with my soul’s desires.

Can you relate?

In today’s Intuitive Tuesday Podcast, I’m sharing the not-so-pretty story on why I created the 30 Day Energy Cleanse, along with homework to move you forward if this resonates with you.

Not an audio learner? That’s OK. Read the article below.

I hit a really, really low point a few years ago, and allowed myself to be pulled into complete self-destruction and fear. I gave in to my fears and gave up on myself. I was in complete self-betrayal.

I drank a ton, I partied, and sort of went anti-Mona Lisa (remember – I am an introvert, and the couch with my hubby and my kitten is more my scene than clubs!). I reverted to a state of disempowerment.

I Made The 30 Day Energy Cleanse For Me

The 30 Day Energy Cleanse was born out of the ashes of a life I had almost completely burned down. The only thing I had left was this indestructible desire to rise.

I remember the moment the intervention from the Universe happened. I was literally shaking from a draining conversation I had with an energy vampire who literally sucked the life force out of me.

I found myself in tears, repeating, “I release the energy that isn’t mine, I release the energy that isn’t mine” over and over and over again.

By the time I got home, the negativity was released, and in its place was divine inspiration. I was buzzing with the realization that I had the tools inside of me to get out of the state of intense fear and crap that I was in. So I sat my butt down and wrote the outline for what is now the 30 Energy Cleanse.

Your Suffering Is Happening To Help You Rise Into Your Greatest Self

I was inspired to write this post because I realize that when you are right in the middle of your own spiritual CRAP, it doesn’t feel like there’s an out, especially when you don’t the tools to dig yourself out.

I want to let you know that there is a reason for your suffering if you’re in that space right now (“suffering” ranges from “happy but restless for more”, to “downright miserable and anti-You”). You will discover that reason when it’s time.

Give Yourself Permission to Feel and Let Yourself Off The Hook

When I was in a state of fear, I didn’t allow room for any light, but I was so afraid of the darkness that I hid from it, too. This only created more destruction. It was only when I allowed myself to feel every emotion that was coming up when I started to find my way back to me.

Your homework? Give yourself permission to feel everything (slowly lean into it, and accept the tears or sobs or anything that shows up) and witness the gorgeous range of feelings that you are capable of feeling.

Let yourself off the hook for anything you feel awful for, and receive the love that the Universe is always sending your way. Yes, you deserve it, I promise.

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Creating Your Own Fall Ritual – Fun Fall Giveaway!

September 9, 2014


I’m so excited because autumn is one of my favorite seasons… it’s full of the energy of fresh starts and new plans, but also of going inward, buckling down and reaping the harvest.

Which is exactly what I plan on doing.

Like you, I’ve been working hard and kicking butt, manifesting my dreams in my business, my love life and inner connection. 

It’s time to harvest – to let go, and to trust the Universe. All of this trying stuff? Out the door. It’s time to sit back, relax, drink some chai lattes, and channel the cozy, nurturing energy of fall.

Join Me & Set Your Intentions for Autumn With Ritual

My intention is to go deep, and to relish in the deliciousness of being. To set the tone, I’m kicking off this season with my very first fall ritual. 

Will you join me by doing your own ritual on September 22 at 7:29 PM PT (the autumn equinox)? I’d love for us to build a powerful, collective energy for all of us to share. I’m giving away a Mini Fall Ritual Kit – sign up on Instagram here!

 Since I’ve never done a fall ritual before, I created some structure based on what I feel like I need right now. Feel free to add whatever you need to create the ritual that will best serve you.

Preparing For Your Autumn Ritual

  1. Let’s get those creative juices flowing using one of my favorite techniques: time travel manifestation. Leap forward in time to December 20, the last day of fall. Imagine that you just had the most luscious, enriching and renewing fall ever. Everything that you intended to happen, happened. 
Reflect. What happened? How do you feel? What did you do? What did you stop doing?  Are you feeling accomplished, grounded, enlightened, or maybe a mix of all these things? Are there any surprises? What does your future self want you to know?
  2. Based on what you just learned, write down 1-3 intentions. Make them as specific as you can, so you’ll know when you’re on the right track.
Tips: Instead of writing “I plan on getting more grounded this fall,” write “I plan on getting more grounded this fall, and I will know I’ve achieved this when I feel at ease in my body, I’m eating right, and regularly meditating.”
  3. Start collecting crystals, spiritual/symbolic items, candles, books, quotes… anything to help you hold down your sacred space. If there’s a certain chakra you would like to activate, collect items and/or music representing that chakra (I love the iPhone app Ambience for their Chakra tuning sounds). 
I’m storing everything in a pretty ritual box along with my intentions. 🙂

Perform Your Ritual

  1. Set your space. Light candles, diffuse essential oils, wear nice, flowy clothing and put on whatever music suits your ritual’s mood. Bonus: Add a symbol of fall as an offering to the Universe- I’m brewing a soy chai latte for her. 😉
  2. Close your eyes and ground yourself, watching your breath for a few cycles. When you feel ready, read your intentions out loud to the Universe.
  3. Set your intentions aside (I’m placing them in a pouch for safekeeping) and seal them with a kiss and a smile. Know the Universe will take care of your prayers for you. Let them go, literally and symbolically.
  4. Say, “I am ready to receive.” Then, if you have one, grab your crystal of choice and sit in silent meditation for however long you wish. This is where your preference comes into play. You can use mala beads, put on a timer, or meditate until you want to stop.
    I plan on putting a timer on for an hour so I don’t have to have thoughts like “Should I stop now?”
  5. Open your eyes, look at your offering, and close with thanking the Universe for everything you already have, including the manifestation of the intentions you set.

I’m giving away a Mini Fall Ritual Kit, that contains all the goodies you’ll need to do your own ritual. Sign up on Instagram here.


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