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IT 048: From Boring, Broke Coach To Magnetic, Money-Making Coach

July 31, 2017

Note from ML: Being aware of your limiting belief is only the first step. Dragging your sad story around for months and years will only repel success, and attract friends who also like dragging their sad stories around. Learn to leave the boring ass coach parade by tuning into today’s Podcast or reading the transcript below.

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I’m Mona Lisa Ondevilla, international success coach for intuitive coaches.

Today, I’m going to share with you a key difference between boring, broke coaches who help no one but really really want to, and magnetic, money-making coaches who show up and help their tribe by the thousands.

As an introvert myself, I work with intuitive women coaches because I believe they are the most powerful, untapped resource on the planet, who can literally save the world, once they get over their drama and stories about why they can’t show up.

So many smart, intuitive ambitious coaches are aware of their limiting beliefs, which is an important first step. But it’s only the first step.

I’ve seen too many women drag their sad stories around for months and years, and I’ve seen the negative effects it has on their lives – they become ugly, old, tired, and they literally repel success. They energetically attract friends and clients who also drag around their sad stories… Success doesn’t wanna be anywhere near that – can you blame it?

You have to leave the boring ass, depressing parade by taking action that directly challenges your fear if you want to be successful as a coach.

  1. Face your most crippling fear/story – the one that’s been stopping you from your next level of success and happiness. Ask your fear, what does it need from you? Write the answers down.
  2. Decide to leave your story behind and to no longer let it play a part in your identity. Be fierce about this – this means monitoring your thoughts, habits and words so that you are not acting in alignment with this story anymore.
  3. Now here’s the step that makes the difference between the boring, broke coaches who help no one and the magnetic, money-making coaches who help thousands. Take action from the energy of the woman who doesn’t have this story and be vigilant about it like your life and happiness depends on it – because it does. What does she do? How does she show up? What does she believe and think about herself? What do her boundaries look like? If your story is that you’re afraid of publishing your blog post because you’re afraid of what people will think, write and publish 10 posts and promote the hell out of it on your Instagram and Facebook. Watch your confidence rise as you get the confidence and shine that comes from a woman who just conquered her fear. If you see yourself slipping back into the old story, bring yourself back. Like your life depends on it. Be aligned with the energy of a coach who does not have your old story and fear.

I didn’t say it was easy, but then again, it’s not easy to be on the broke, boring and bummed out coach parade for way too long!

So, take inspired action now by writing in the comments below what ONE ACTION you are going to do to conquer your fear and re-align with your success instead.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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IT 046: How To Infuse Your Biz With Magic + Money With Amanda Marit

July 10, 2017


  • How to use divine flow and guidance to confidently charge for your services as a new coach

  • The magical way to attract aligned clients, whose lives will drastically improve as a result of working with you

  • Her go-to practice for working through any fear-based thoughts that creep up around not feeling worthy (hint: there’s more to it than reciting mantras!)

  • Why consciously tuning your frequency and vibes to the level that you desire is a must, and how to get there regularly


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IT 045: How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy + Book Clients Online Using The Law of Attraction!

June 12, 2017

On this week’s Intuitive Tuesday Podcast, Business and Content Creation Coach Nikki Nash shares:

  • How to create high-vibe content so you can build a tribe of loving followers

  • How to use the law of attraction to book dream clients

  • Her favorite practices for getting past visibility blocks so you can confidently show up online

  • Why creating content isn’t as hard as it seems, and how to do so with ease and flow

  • ** Bonus: I ask Nikki what her secret is to making it online as an introverted entrepreneur, and her response will surprise you!**


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IT 043: How To Create Passive Prosperity With Soul-Aligned Marketing Strategist Korynn Elliott

May 29, 2017

Hi introverted, intuitive and empath beauties! I have a fun treat for you on the Podcast today – I’ve interviewed one of my good friends and introverted biz besties, the soul-aligned marketing strategist, Korynn Elliott.

She’s the quintessential zen girl boss next door, and we talk about:

  • Why your energy matters as an introverted, woman entrepreneur
  • What type of passive income you can create (even as a brand new coach!) so you can live a more abundant, free-flowing lifestyle
  • How to find your voice and message as a new coach (hint: acting like you’re an extrovert doesn’t work!)
  • What “Zen Femme” is and how to honor our cycles as feminine entrepreneurs so we can maximize our productivity and live more aligned
  • How Korynn found her first clients (with only 25 people on her list!!)

Tune into the Podcast by clicking on one of the links below!

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  3. Grab Korynn’s free gift, “3 Soul-Aligned Strategies for Passive Prosperity” here


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