Work With Me - Mona Lisa Ondevilla


In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to use your intuition + empathy to create a unique branding message that draws in your tribe
  • The introvert’s way to finding your voice and becoming visible online (so your clients can find and hire you!)
  • How to translate your stories and personal journey into irresistible content that authentically represents you online
  • The #1 thing to consider when building an aligned business that allows you to live your truth (hint: you won’t find this in a business book)

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The 7 Day Business Cleanse

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 8.32.52 AMIn this FREE Audio Program, you’ll get:

  • Access to your own personal, abundant supply of positive energy that you can tap into at will
  • More energy = showing up for your life & business in a bigger way!
  • Practical tools on how to get rid of negative business energies & how to block & release unwanted energy
  • An increased amount of energy for building your business, and a decreased amount of energy spent doing what drains you
  • Trust in your own energy and intuition, which will lead to better choices for your business
  • Self-awareness on what types of scenarios drain you and how to plan your business around it
  • An increase in your energy (this will magnetically draw the perfect clients and scenarios into your life!)

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Client Love


Mona Lisa has played such a valuable role throughout my journey. Entrepreneurship can be tough, and I’m so thankful that she was there just at the right time. With her previous expertise in the editorial world, she has so much to bring to the table. Young, bright, eager, spiritual, and inspirational, she always seems to have the right thing to say on the tip of her tongue. With Mona Lisa’s help, I was able to conquer things I don’t think would have been possible without her.

-Melissa Johnson, Founder & Creative Director of


Andrea-purple-Testimonial-300x300 copyI didn’t know what to expect from business coaching, or how it would help me or my business. Working with Mona Lisa has helped me become more clear on what I want to do. I am more confident in myself, and have a better idea of the direction my business should go. She has helped me sort out all of my frustrations, and my unclear visions. The practical tools she gives me helps me focus not just on what I have to do, but the reasoning behind them, giving me better insight into my business. I recommend Mona Lisa’s coaching – she has a great upbeat personality and is good at listening to your problems or concerns. She also has good suggestions to help you solve them. She is very relatable, and actually cares about you and what you have to say!
– Andrea Claassen, CEO & Certified Trainer, SaFire